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Money-first traditional brands tell people what they'll buy and when they'll buy it, dictating via artificial fashion cycles.

They choke the market with more stock than can be sold, then shove the leftovers into landfill - mountains of never-used, never-needed items going to waste.

It’s sickening, literally, for our planet and for our soul.

How To: 5 Steps To Stand Out on Zoom

How To: 5 Steps To Stand Out on Zoom

Sure, we’ve had plenty of time to get comfortable on Zoom since 2020. However, while the discussion continues regarding remote-first or in-office work (with passionate arguments on both sides), there’s... Read More
Instead of listening to others, I listened to my own voice.

How To Create Your Own Seat At The Table

The Senate’s confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson as the the sixth women justice ever, and the first black women justice, marks a welcome milestone in our nation’s history. Read More
a woman standing in front of people

Time For Women To Claim Their Rightful Seat And Dress The Part

A recent post by Lindsey Galloway of articulates the reality that today’s C-suite positions are expanding like never before, in terms of the type of role leadership teams need... Read More
I Practice What I Preach

I Practice What I Preach

I am writing this blog post to show you that I practice what I preach meaning: I don’t only show my clients how to use their wardrobe as a source... Read More
When The Shoe Fits - Why We Love SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

When The Shoe Fits - Why We Love SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

A great pair of shoes is a key element to any well-styled outfit, but sometimes it can be challenging to find the right shoes that compliment your look.

Haze Fall

From Summer Haze to Fall Days

Go from Summer Haze to Fall Days in Style. The Addison Chiffon Dress inspired by Summer in pursuit of a fabulous Fall. The perfect dress for every occasion. Custom made. Pre-order now.

Casual professional outfits female

The Power Of Now

Creating timeless, sustainable, gorgeous looks for incredible women is my continual "now" -the definition beautifully encapsulates how AYSHA New York is all about the now...your so many ways.
Clothes for narrow shoulders

Tell-Tale Signs Your ‘Fit Doesn’t Fit Right

It’s not easy to see your outfit from a perspective other than your reflection in the mirror -- these are some tell-tale signs your clothes don’t fit as well as they should.
Locally made clothing

The Behind-The-Scenes of the AYSHA NY Hustle

A day in the life of the CEO of a sustainable, Made in NYC fashion brand and her hustle to keep the Garment District alive.