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I Practice What I Preach

I Practice What I Preach

Practice What I Preach Car PhotoshootI am writing this blog post to show you that I practice what I preach meaning: I don’t only show my clients how to use their wardrobe as a source of confidence, I  do this for myself as well, more often than you think.

Last month, I was invited to the Aquidneck Club in Rhode Island for a Go Pink Fundraiser benefiting Breast Cancer Research.  

I had a dilemma, should I go? Do I know enough people there? I am not a member of the Club, only a guest, so how should I dress? Should I dress to blend in or should I dress to showcase my personality? Well, I chose to do the latter. Why? This was the first charity event in almost 2 years I would be attending and I wanted to celebrate my post COVID life. I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and bring that little something extra to my outfit. So, my creative mind went to work. 

First, I shopped in my closet and tried on a few dresses. However, I did not feel excited about how they made me feel. I wanted to wear something that would give me a jolt of energy and make me feel beautiful. Something I had not worn before. So my creative mind decided to work overtime to turn my vision into a reality. Everything you see in the image below was first crafted in my mind down to the color of my nail polish (emerald green). Yup, god is in the details.   

After so much creative input from my team and I, after many fittings, it all came together. Just to be sure my outfit was functional too, I even practiced strutting down our hallway. I left nothing to chance. 

Practice What I Preach Fashion Red Carpet
So on the day of the event, as I slipped into my custom-made satin dress, pulled my hair back, adorned my head with this outrageous hat, it all came together and I felt amazing! I felt as if I was transported to a different world, all my worries a distant memory. Yes, the right outfit can do all that. Even mother nature provided the perfect backdrop. The September sunset over the Narragansett Bay was breathtaking, a light breeze in the air allowed my hat’s ostrich feathers to naturally flow in the wind majestically.  My shoes did not hurt, my earrings matched my emerald ring perfectly. I felt just beautiful...if I do say so myself. 

Most importantly, I showed up with a personal message which was heard loud and clear. 
--I am a creative person. 
--I am excited and happy to be part of this amazing cause.
--I am confident and own my sense of style.


All my insecurities were left behind as I floated through the night like a butterfly. And let’s not even talk about all the compliments I received which added to my delight.     

Practice What I Preach Fashion Group

I am sharing this not to show off, in fact, just the opposite. I want you ladies to know, I too feel insecure and unsure of myself, especially on days when I need to bring my A game.  With all the clothes in my closet, I too still feel sometimes that I have nothing to wear.  I do look for ways to boost my spirits and find ways to build my confidence. Oh, and let’s not even talk about the couple of pounds I have gained and the natural signs that come with getting a bit older. But to overcome all this…I turn to my wardrobe as a major source to make me feel good...instantly. 

I let my styles do the introduction and I use my wardrobe as a marketing tool.

--Are you using your wardrobe to introduce you when you step into a crowded room?
--Are you using your clothing to be a source of confidence?
--Do you smile ear to ear in photos ?  

If not, let’s talk. Trust me to help you. I have helped so many women, including myself so I am certain I can do the same for you.

I look forward to hearing from you. 




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