Our Story

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Two things shaped Aysha Saeed’s life: her late father’s love of European fashion and immigrating to the US from Pakistan at the age of 12. While teen years are hard for everyone, Aysha’s were especially challenging trying to fit into the American culture and having English as a second language. However, she was able to seek comfort in fashion and consciously used it to create her identity, build her confidence, and provide the needed support for her future endeavors.

Seeking a safe career path, she entered the finance industry working for Fortune 500 institutions only to realize this was not her passion. That’s when she decided to take the plunge and enter the world of fashion. Without a fashion degree or experience, she made the daring move to design silhouettes utilizing embroidery and unique hand-printed fabrics sourced from Lahore, Pakistan, and Mumbai, India. She then developed a stunning portfolio catered to top-line luxury design houses in Milan and Paris.

After an extensive labor of love and hard work, Aysha made her mark and had the privilege to create silhouettes showcasing her embroidery designs for brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Kritzia, and La Perla, among others. It was these world-renowned fashion houses that gave Aysha the training, education, and hands-on experience that led her to create her eponymous brand,

Today AYSHA NY stands for accessible luxury that is authentic, feminine, and sustainable; proudly dressing moms to moguls.