Shop the Only Pant in Sage by AYSHA NY


After a decade in New York’s corporate finance world, Aysha Saeed packed up, moved to Italy, and after much hard work and not accepting “no” as an answer, Aysha finally got the opportunity to work with houses of Dior + Dolce & Gabbana.

AYSHA NY was created to dress America’s current and future leaders, and it’s Aysha’s keen eye for detail - both in the cut of a fabric and in the boardroom impact an outfit should make - and the commitment to manufacture 100% of its products in NYC, that has created this sustainable, iconic brand.

Given the new world we live and work in, Aysha has personally spearheaded a new workwear campaign that features how traditional workwear has changed. Aysha felt if we are moving into a casual and hybrid workplace, our style should reflect this change.

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“Aysha NY is all about sophisticated designs with a hint of sexiness. The quality of the garments is outstanding with mostly European fabrics used for the amazing color selections and pairings. Aysha Saeed is taking upscale fashion to another level … Aysha Saeed is the designer to watch.”

 - Karynne Summars

Should you not find exactly what you are looking for on the site, send a message to and you’ll find the team jumps into action.

From Aysha Saeed:

“I moved to the USA when I was 12 years old from Pakistan. I left corporate finance to pursue a lifelong ambition of becoming a fashion designer and went for it. I wrote down on yellow sticky FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION, stuck it on my computer and dove into the ever-so-intimidating and elusive world of high fashion in Milan.

I chose Milan to be my learning ground because I had admired Italian fashion by consuming them and as well as studying them from afar. I offered my services as a design and production expert in the area of hand embroideries.

Regarding community?

AYSHA NY regularly creates high-quality networking events for ambitious women, where they come together to elevate each other and learn how to dress for impact.

“I have been throwing parties since I was 5 years old,” said Aysha. “So it is no surprise that I am doing this for AYSHA NY. I have found when you bring disruptors, leaders and givers together in one room. magical things happen.”

“Aysha gathers such an amazing group. It’s always so diverse from so many different backgrounds in a very relaxed atmosphere and knowing that she’ll make sure every piece of clothing fits right. These events are always so honest and so right and I adore her.”

- Helena V Entrepreneur