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Time For Women To Claim Their Rightful Seat And Dress The Part

A recent post by Lindsey Galloway of articulates the reality that today’s C-suite positions are expanding like never before, in terms of the type of role leadership teams need to fill. Galloway notes that we are seeing Chief Diversity Officers, Chief Sustainability Officers, and Chief Purpose Officers being called for.

“The time has never been better for women to claim their rightful seat” writes Galloway. It’s a call to ambitious women to recognise that we already work with ease in terms of a focus on sustainability, equity and diversity, and that we have the skills the world is more than ready for.

I also recognize, as women’s leadership roles are changing, so too is the way we dress … and rightfully so. 

The new positions come with new values and responsibilities and it’s our job to dress the part.

I updated our collection’s aesthetics to reflect the current mode and offered flowy lines, more colors and prints, and plenty of cascading ruffles. I was so pleased to see our changes spoke to the ever-evolving corporate women who come to depend on us to dress them. For example, here is a perfect C-Suite look …

~ Knit blazers sit comfortably over a femine Ruffle Dresses.

~ Check out the oversized No-Sleeve Red Turtleneck that pairs perfectly with a pleated Plaid Skirt, thoughtfully designed with a wide waistband designed to provide flattering waistline

Let’s not forget about our versatile Blousette - the hybrid of a blouse and a lightweight jacket - can be worn effortlessly with a pair of jeans or athleisure pants, or spun into an all-out-glamor look by pairing it with a cocktail dress or chiffon pants.

AYSHA NY's mission is to dress America’s current and future leaders.

So while you go do what you were created to do, we’re right here, ready to help you ensure that the impression you make when you walk into a (board)room is, for all the right reasons, unforgettable.

Download our complimentary "Style Codes... Decoded." A how-to guide on getting dressed in 5 minutes or less and making an impact.

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