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How Shoes Can Make an Outfit Pop

Use Fancy Footwear to Liven Up Any Look

One of the easiest ways to amp up your look is with a good pair of shoes. The right pair can enhance a simple suit, a plain dress, or even jeans and a t-shirt. But you might be wondering — how do you do it without making yourself look mismatched?

There are a few simple tricks to coordinate your shoes with your look the right way. By pairing the right colors together and choosing different textures, you'd be amazed at how much you can make an outfit pop.

Common Tools and Tricks

You don’t need a large sewing kit or complex machine to fix your clothes. Just purchase a few sewing needles, some spools of thread, and a small pair of thread scissors from your local fabric or craft store. You could also purchase some sewing pins and a needle threader to make repairs a lot easier.

Always use at least one foot of thread, and remember to knot the ends before you start. Use smaller stitches since they’re stronger and can better resist tearing. While there are many different stitches that you could use, I recommend the simple running stitch — a series of short, even stitches that form a straight line.

Finally, knot the thread using your needle and carefully cut off the extra bit left over once you’re done.

Pair Vibrant Colors with Neutrals

Like I’ve said before — neutrals are not boring. It’s all about finding the right style, pattern, and texture to make them chic. And by pairing them with colorful accessories, you can truly make this look your own. You’d be amazed at how much you can change up an outfit using different jewelry, a belt, and, of course, shoes.

It seems like red is everyone’s favorite choice when it comes to bright colors, but don’t ignore all the others. A bright blue, yellow, or pink will add new life to any neutral outfit. Or choose gold or another metallic 

Choose a Contrasting Color

The back seams of the Amy Caplet in Powder Blue

It’s not just neutrals that benefit from bright colors. Try pairing different colors together with a little help from some fancy footwear. If you’re not sure how to select contrasting colors, take a look at a color wheel for some ideas. For example — pair yellow or gold shoes with a purple dress or suit, and turquoise looks beautiful with a bright or deep red.

Just be careful not to mix too many bright hues together. Your best bet is to combine a bright hue with a soft pastel to keep your look from being too overwhelming.

Pick Up On Colors in Your Outfit

The floral blush pink Ruffe Nicole Dress by AYSHA NYThe Fawn classic pump by SJP in Forest

When pairing different colors together, try to pick up on a lesser color within your garment. It’s one of the simplest ways to really make an outfit pop. Let’s say you’re wearing our blush pink Nicole Dress, complete with hints of green and blue in the print. Instead of being too matchy-matchy by wearing pink shoes, choose a soft green or light blue pair to enhance the print. 

Don’t Forget About Texture

Your shoes’ texture also makes a world of difference. Patent leather is standard for most dress shoes, but don’t discount velvet, suede, and satin — especially during autumn and winter. And don’t forget about shoes with embellishments like lace, sequins, crystals, and statement buckles. Think of them almost like jewelry for your feet.

If you’ve seen my social media feed, or gone to my events, then you know how many different pairs of shoes I have. Part of why I enjoy showcasing my own accessories is to give my clients some ideas for their own daily looks. And as you can see, making an outfit pop is easier than you think.

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