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“Your Wallet Holds Enormous Power”

Buy less, buy well

Say YES to slow fashion

“I was so surprised to learn fashion industry was the # 2 polluter of mother Earth (Chemical industry being #1). I knew instantly that instead of being part of the problem I wanted to make AYSHA NY part of the solution.”
- Aysha Saeed

Money-first traditional brands tell people what they'll buy and when they'll buy it, dictating via artificial fashion cycles.

They choke the market with more stock than can be sold, then shove the leftovers into landfill - mountains of never-used, never-needed items going to waste.

It’s sickening, literally, for our planet and for our soul.

Sustainable fashion principles at AYSHA NY

Instead, AYSHA NY chose longevity … and we prefer acts of kindness towards this planet that sustains us.

The Redwood Dress by AYSHA NY ... say 'yes' to slow fashion, made in NYC.

Our sustainable practices include:

  • Slow fashion, made in NYC. We use local suppliers and artisans to make our clothing. 
  • Part of our collection is made of “dead fabric”... that is fabric that is already in the market.
  • We use styles and make clothing in a way that lasts a long time.
  • Utilizing recycling ….donating fabric scraps to fashion schools, recycling all plastic bags and hangers.
  • We don’t use hangtags.
  • We ship with the least amount of material, using recycled paper and boxes.
  • We produce the amount we can sell so that extra does not end up in landfill.
  • 95% of new designs go forward into production. We do not waste resources on designing that do not result in production. Not all fashion houses can say this.

“As citizens we all need to play a role, regardless how small it is if we are to reverse the climate change crisis,” says Aysha Saeed. “For example, when shopping for clothes, shop eco-conscious brands. Remember, your wallet holds enormous power.”

The Blousette Victorian Print by AYSHA NY - say yes to sustainability in fashion, made in NYC.

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