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How To: 5 Steps To Stand Out on Zoom

Sure, we’ve had plenty of time to get comfortable on Zoom since 2020. However, while the discussion continues regarding remote-first or in-office work (with passionate arguments on both sides), there’s much that many people can do to elevate their impact while on a Zoom call.

1. Appearance: get your fit right, and dress for impact

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the same room as a co-worker, or working remote - the style of your clothes should compliment your shape. Your first step is to get your fit right.

And then, when people first see you, before you say a word, how do you want to be perceived?

Do you want to be seen as someone who can be trusted? Who is confident and can lead the conversation?

Michelle came to me and specifically asked for assistance to help her stand out on Zoom. Blending in just wasn’t going to cut it, and I think you’ll agree the difference in impact is strong!

The Blousette from AYSHA NY has been described as

We chose a Blousette that’s been described as “the perfect Zoom top”. Being a hybrid of a blouse and a lightweight jacket, it can be worn effortlessly with a pair of jeans or athleisure pants, or go for an all-out-glamor look by wearing it over a cocktail dress.

Listen as I walk you through how we created the Blousette concept and how versatile it is in your wardrobe:

2. Lighting: it doesn’t have to be expensive

Most people don’t think about lighting at all. Have you ever been on a Zoom call where the person you were speaking with was just a silhouette, because they were sitting in front of a window?

The easiest way to have clear lighting is when you are facing a window.

For those who can’t, or when it’s not daylight, a simple lamp set in front of you will help you avoid having your face in shade or blocked. Use a test call on Zoom to see how you appear at different times of the day in your workspace.

Pay attention to lighting when on a zoom call; even a simple lamp can help.

3. Background: keep it human

People use the VR backgrounds on Zoom for entertainment and/or to hide their physical space (for security reasons or just because they don’t feel it’s well set up). However sometimes these can look awkward. If you move quickly, you’ll create an outline where it becomes obvious the background is artificial.

Wherever possible it is better to just create a clean, well-lit, professional space within which you take your Zoom calls. Often less is more; if you can avoid having it look like you’re sitting in a spare bedroom with wardrobe doors in sight, even better.

Choose a background setup that is not distracting, doesn’t share personal information, and that helps lift the tone of the call.

Consider your background when on a Zoom call. Keep it tidy and free of distractions.

4. Perspective: don’t be looked down on

Set your camera to eye level.

It’s that simple.

We’ve all been put in that awkward moment where we’re looking up someone’s nose, and it’s never a moment we want to remember.

Similarly, you don’t want anyone looking down on you.

Sit yourself a little way back from the camera to avoid what’s called “wide angle” face, get the height right, and each person on the call will be free to focus on the matter at hand.

 Set your camera to eye level for zoom calls.

5. Sound: keep it clear

Check for background noise and make sure your microphone is picking up your voice easily.

If you’re part of a group call and listening to a speaker, it’s good practice to mute yourself. This means that when you want to type notes the other people on the call won’t have to listen to the clatter of your keyboard, and also reduces the risk of noises in the background of your workspace interfering with the call.

Meeting via Zoom is incredibly convenient, and with a little thought you can make a strong impact on every Zoom call. Be thoughtful about your appearance, eliminate distractions, and make the impact you require before you even say a word.

Would you like assistance to stand out on Zoom calls?

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