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When The Shoe Fits - Why We Love SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

A great pair of shoes is a key element to any well-styled outfit, but sometimes it can be challenging to find the right shoes that compliment your look. For our Fall photoshoot, we paired some shoes from SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker to complete our model’s looks. Handcrafted in Italy, these shoes embody the chic and unique style that Sarah Jessica Parker embodies and has propelled her to recognition worldwide as a fashion icon.

Below, Aysha discusses how and why she chose the shoes for each outfit.

How to Wear Statement Making Shoes

For Fall, the Long Sleeve Ruffle Dress is the AYSHA NY’s play on the LBD. However, I swapped out black with Ink Navy… newest color obsession :) To complete the look, I chose a bright two-toned pump that brought a splash of color.

Caution: when wearing such statement making shoes…..keep all other accessories minimal.

Show your creative side with a fun pop of color.

When to Wear Neutral Shoes 

I paired our Redwood Dress with a bold jewel choker and took a more simple approach to the shoes by going with a classic black peep toe pump. When styling strong prints such as this, neutral shoes in classic styles are always a great option. The Classic Open-Toed Pump from the SJP collection is an elegant choice that keeps the focus on the dress and of course, on you.

Caution:Neutral does not equate to boring…..there are many neutral shoe options that can still be uber glam ;)

How to Transition from Day to Evening  

Our Floral Print Sun Dress could be seen as a daytime look, but I wanted to show its versatility by easily transitioning it from a day to night style with a few simple accessory tweeks. To give it a more evening feel, our model is wearing the sparkly Fawn Classic Pumps. Naturally sparkles instantly give the outfit an extra bit of glam and sophistication to go out on the town.

Caution: When investing in an evening shoe, be sure to buy a pair you see yourself wearing often. For example, these sparkly pumps would also look super cute with a t-shirt and jeans. Don’t you agree ?

It was an incredible experience working with SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker in styling our photoshoot. I can’t say enough about their high quality and craftsmanship, and at such an affordable price point. For any woman looking for the perfect pair of shoes to pair with her new AYSHA NY styles, I highly recommend checking out the SJP collection.

As Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Men I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know” and Parker seems to have taken that line from her iconic role on Sex and the City to heart in the building of her shoe empire.

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