Swap out basic black for something a little more colorful

Swap Out Those Basic Black Clothes

Be Bold and Go For Some Different Color Options Instead

Black is a popular color for many business professionals both in NYC and around the world. And honestly, why wouldn’t they? It’s authoritative, ultra-slimming, and easy to pair with almost anything. But instead of drowning in a sea of black whenever you go out, why not switch things up with some universally-flattering colors?

Let’s take a look at how black became our go-to color and what other color options we have to wear instead of those same basic black clothes.

Why Do We Always Wear Black?

There are many reasons why black became a go-to for professional women. For one, it’s seen as slimming and fit for all body types. And because it’s more severe, many believe it gives the impression of being more authoritative. Not to mention the lack of color makes putting an outfit together much easier.

But despite what we’ve been led to believe, there’s actually no need to rely on basic black clothes. As long as your outfit fits all of your proportions, you can wear any color that flatters your skin tone. 

Blush Pink Works All Year Round

Garden Cutting BlousetteNicole Ruffle DressClaudia Dress

Not a lot of people would think to replace their basic black clothes with a shade of blush pink. But in recent years, it’s quickly become the new power color for many women everywhere. It’s soft and feminine without being overpowering and flatters every skin tone, so it’s no wonder that we use it in all of our collections.

The Garden Cutting Blousette and Nicole Ruffle Dress are two of our best examples. With either one of these looks, you can keep things professional, add flair to a casual outfit, or keep things fun flirty. And, of course, we can’t forget about our custom-made Claudia Dress that exudes equal parts power and high-fashion.

Make a Statement in Cobalt Blue

Sophia DressFront Slit Dress in Cobalt BlueAvery Elton Blazer in Cobalt Blue

If you prefer more bright and vibrant color options, then why not go for a cobalt blue? Not only is it also universally flattering, but this bold and elegant hue is guaranteed to make you stand out.

The simple and short-sleeved Sophia Dress is one of our favorites for all year round, as you can accessorize it in a number of different ways. There’s also the sleeveless Front-Slit Cobalt Dress, which is better suited for if you feel comfortable showing your arms.

And if head-to-toe blue isn’t really your thing, then try our Avery Elton Blazer over a neutral outfit. Its side and back panels hide your hips and rear to give you more confidence throughout the day.

Or Simply Go For Black and White Prints

Maybe you’re not ready to give up on those basic black clothes just yet? In that case, even a fun black-and-white print is an excellent step outside your comfort zone. Our best-selling Melanie Maxi Dress is the perfect example, with its off-white hue and large and small polka dots.

As an added bonus, it also features pockets and a fabric belt with an antique bronze buckle. This way you can switch things up with a functional look that still maintains a very flattering shape.

Melanie Maxi Dress

AYSHA NY Gives You Plenty of Color Options

Here at AYSHA NY, we have plenty of amazing selections on-hand to suit your personal style. There are plenty of dresses, tops, and blazers offered in a wide range of pattern and color options. Although if black is still your go-to color, then we’ve got lots of that on hand, too.

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