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It’s time to celebrate life now, more than ever

Everything is possible #OnYourTerms

“As rules were broken, securities we depended upon no longer held up and we had no play book to go by … how does one navigate through such trying times with hope of getting out on the other side? By doing things ON YOUR TERMS,” says Aysha Saeed.

That is exactly what Aysha did with AYSHA NY to navigate through the tumultuous times of CoVid. So it was no surprise when she named her new capsule collection ON YOUR TERMS to celebrate the new world in which women live and work in.

ON YOUR TERMS is more than just a beautiful, fun & flirty capsule collection crafted in feminine yet bold prints and colors … it signifies a mindset and attitude women have, where they live life to the fullest without apology or fear.

To drive the point home, Aysha utilized herself to model each look, as she has always lived life on her own terms.

Own the room in the classic black/white combo of the Melanie Dress from AYSHA NY.

Giving a presentation in a polka-dot, oversized maxi dress? Who would’ve thought that? Now no-one will question it.

The Jill Dress from AYSHA NY evokes a sweet, retro vibe with an up-to-the-minute perfect fit.

The body of the Jill Dress is fully lined and features a V-neck that's deep enough to be feminine, yet completely appropriate for work/Zoom.

The Samantha Dress from AYSHA NY has wide shoulder straps designed to perfectly hide bra straps.

Blazer over a floral print? Why not? Aysha wore it at a recent event she hosted. 

Who says the men get all the pinstripes? Work your way in the Candice Dress by AYSHA NY.

Why should men get all the pinstripes? Mix it up with the Candice Dress.

Part of our Custom Made collection, this statement dress can be custom made for your body and size.

Part of our Custom Made collection, the Claudia Dress is a real statement dress that can be custom made for your body and size.

Blousette: (blouse-sett-e) - the name was coined by our Creative Director, Aysha Saeed

 Blousette: (blouse-sett-e) - the name was coined by our Creative Director, Aysha Saeed Blousette is a hybrid of a blouse and a light weight jacket.

A style that women of all ages and sizes love to wear and can be worn effortlessly with a pair of jeans or athleisure pants, or you can go for an all-out-glamor look by wearing it over a cocktail dress.

Can’t you see yourself wearing a Blousette to the resort on your next vacation?

For the most up-to-the-minute freedom combo, don’t miss the Blousette.

“Over the years, Aysha has helped me build such a powerful wardrobe that gets me excited to get dressed. Because of this, I feel my career has leveled up as I feel more confident when I walk into a meeting.” - Amy K, Attorney

Are you ready to live and dress #OnYourTerms? Shop ON YOUR TERMS now.


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