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How to Dress for Work During the Summer

Like many other places across the country, New York City’s hot and humid summers make dressing for work a challenge. You want to maintain your personal style, follow the dress codes, and make a good impression all without feeling overheated.

That’s why we’re here to show you how to dress to stay cool and comfortable while still being work appropriate. Keep reading for some of our best and simplest summer fashion tips.

Dresses Are Your Friends

There’s a reason why dresses become so much more popular during the spring and summer. They’re easy to throw on when you want to look put together and they help promote better airflow.

While a dress and skirt pairing is always a good option, separates can actually make you feel warmer depending on their fit and material. So we recommend keeping enough dresses on hand that you can wash easily and wear regularly. 

Melanie Dress....AYSHA NY

Melanie Dress....AYSHA NY

Keep It Light and Loose

Samantha Dress....AYSHA NY

Samantha Dress...AYSHA NY

Lighter is better in every way. When it’s especially hot out, always opt for light colored clothing to deflect the sunlight. And go for lighter, moisture-wicking fabrics like cotton, line, or silk so you aren’t wearing sweat-soaked clothes throughout the day.

As for fit, ditch the form-fitting look for something looser. When it comes to dresses, you could always add a belt to give more of a shape.

If Possible, Go For Sleeveless

Obviously, there’s only so much that you can do about dress codes. But if you can, then always opt for sleeveless dresses or tops during the summertime.When that kind of style isn’t allowed, however, then choose something with short and loose sleeves.

Remember that the less fabric you have touching your skin the better you’ll feel.

Candice Dress....AYSHA NY

Candice Dress...AYSHA NY

Bring an Extra Layer

Blousette...AYSHA NY

Blousettes... AYSHA NY

We all know less layers are better when you’re outside and heading to work. But once you’ve stepped indoors and the air conditioning is all the way up, you’ll need something to keep you comfortable.

That’s why we always recommend bringing an extra layer when you know you’ll be inside most of the time. And it doesn’t have to be a heavy or thick jacket. Just choose a simple cardigan or caplet that you can fold up and put in your bag before leaving.

On Your Terms was Designed with Comfort in Mind

Candice dress details

Candice Dress details

We designed our new On Your Terms collection to be your go-to summer wardrobe for work and fun.

When it comes to dresses, the Candice is our perfect pick since it’s sleeveless and made of breathable cotton fabric. Plus, the open embroidery design at the top promotes better airflow to keep you from feeling sticky.

Although, if you want something more flowy, we also offer the chic Melanie maxi and the sunny Samantha.

For that extra layer, we’ve added two new blousette patterns and a caplet for when the air conditioning is a bit too high. And we’ll give you plenty of advice on how to style each of these looks for both day and night.

No matter your style, we have something on hand that’s both comfortable and fashionable enough for warm and humid weather. Contact us today to enhance your summer wardrobe.

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