Maintain all your garments; buckles and buttons

Clothing Care Tips: Maintaining Buckles and Buttons

Even the Smallest Details Can Make the Biggest Difference

It’s the little embellishments that make an outfit more stylish and convenient. Whether it’s a metal buckle or a cloth-covered button, they add flair to a garment while making it easier to wear. That’s why — no matter how packed your schedule might be — it’s so important to treat these items with just as much care as the clothes they’re attached to.

Below are some tips for maintaining all of your high-quality buckles and buttons. This might seem small compared to regular clothing care. But you’d be amazed at how much better your outfit looks when you mind these little details.

Prevent Damage and Preserve Your Clothes

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t consider buckle or button care when it comes to everyday clothes. Our busy lives mean we don’t have time to pay attention to every little aspect of each garment. At the end of the day, we just want something that will hold up against multiple cleaning cycles and look pretty much the same for years to come.

However, when you purchase a high-quality garment, you’ll want to take that time and do everything you can to make sure it lasts. This means you can’t just toss genuine metal buckles or handmade buttons into the washing machine. Not only can the washing process dent and tarnish the metal over time, it could also damage the inside of the washing machine over time. And the process of washing them could rip the fabric if you use the wrong washing method.

Let’s take a closer look at how to prevent all kinds of possible damage and care for all your buckles and buttons the right way.

How to Maintain Your Buckles

If you look through the AYSHA NY catalog, you’ll notice that most of our dresses are belted. This includes our Ruffle Dresses and both Maxi designs, each one outfitted with a simple metal buckle. This also means taking a few extra steps when maintaining your embellished garments.

Always remove the belt before taking these types of garments to the cleaners, as chances are they don’t need cleaning. If you leave the belt on, the dry cleaner may not even notice and put it through the dry cleaning process, which can tarnish metal over time. If you really need to clean the belt, spot-treat it. Or if your dry cleaner is experienced, they will know how to protect the buckle properly.

Bottom line: if the belt needs cleaning, discuss it with your dry cleaner first.

For garments that require machine wash, follow the same protective process — wrap the buckle in a clean sock or washcloth and secure it with a rubber band. This way both metal and the inside of your washing machine are protected.  

Ruffle Dress - Nicole

Note: Remember to let the belt air-dry. And to help maintain the metal’s luster, don’t forget to polish the buckle regularly with a simple piece of cloth. 

And Now For Button Care

Amy Caplet - Powder Blue

Most garments today have metal alloy or plastic buttons that hold up to almost anything. However, other materials need special care. One example is the custom-made cloth buttons on our Amy Caplets. If you can’t go to the dry cleaners, then either hand-wash or cover the button and put it into a mesh laundry bag.

Apply the same amount of button care to those made of wood, glass, crystals or precious stone. One useful dry-cleaning trick is to wrap them up in a small piece of tin foil or velcro before taking them to be washed. And just like your buckles, they can also be polished from time to

Furthermore, remember if your garments have multiple buttons, chances are it comes with an extra in case one of them falls off. Also, If you buy from an independent designer, they’ll usually keep stock of buttons so don’t hesitate and reach out to them if you lose one.  

AYSHA NY always keeps extra buttons, buckles, and zippers on hand if a client needs a replacement. So reach out to us if you find yourself with a missing button. We are committed to ensuring your purchases have a long and healthy life, right down to buckles and buttons.

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