Aysha's here to tell you when you should alter a garment.

Should You Alter a Garment?

Alterations aren’t just for evening wear and costumes. When you tailor work outfits or everyday clothes, you’d be amazed at how much better you look and feel. And as an added bonus, you can enjoy a garment even longer as your body changes. So knowing when to alter a garment is absolutely crucial.

Below are some guidelines to follow when deciding if a garment is worth altering or not.

1. It Doesn’t Doesn’t Fit The Way It Used To

You’ve had a garment for years and still love and take good care of it. But your changing body means that it doesn’t look the same as it used to. Losing or gaining weight shouldn't mean saying goodbye to what you love.

A great tailor does everything from taking a garment in to putting in side panels to accommodate your size. Most can find some way to make it work for you.

But if you look drastically different, or the garment is too worn out, then just give it away and start fresh. 

Alterations can freshen up old germents and make new ones right for you.

2. You Need a Modest Wardrobe

It might be for work, religious reasons, or personal preferences. But sometimes a garment doesn’t cover you the way you need it to. You have to find a way to mix your unique style with a bit of modesty.

That’s why tailors can always bring down the hem, raise the neckline, or even lengthen your sleeves. They may seem minor, but even the smallest alterations can make a world of difference.

However, it’s important to remember that these types of alterations require extra fabric. Before making a purchase, find out if the store has any on-hand. You’d be surprised at how many small private boutiques — especially those with modest customers — buy fabric from their manufacturer and sell it for this reason.

If you can’t find the exact same fabric, then see what’s available at your local sewing and craft stores. Look for something that’s either very close or compliments what you have. Although if being creative isn’t in your skill-set, then please ask for help. The last thing you want to do is buy an expensive outfit and totally ruin it with hodge podge fabric. 

3. A New Style Doesn’t Sit Right On Your Body

Let’s face it, oftentimes a new garment doesn’t fit perfectly when it’s right off the rack. The hem or sleeves might be too long for you, or the buttons are pulled too tight. Maybe the waist is too wide, or there’s a gap in the back of your new pants. Bottom line – if it’s uncomfortable now, then it will be every time you wear it.

Don’t try to suck it up or hide it. Once your new garment is altered and fits perfectly, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Things to Remember

1. Always Buy For Your Current Size

Buy for your current size no matter what. We can always fix it later.

We’ve seen it happen many times before. Someone falls into the trap of thinking they’ll lose weight right away, so they buy a garment that’s too small for them. Then it sits in their closet for months — or years — and never gets worn.

Don’t do this to yourself. Maybe you will lose weight in the future, but there’s no reason why you can’t be just as fabulous at your current size.

When purchasing a new item, always pick one you can comfortably fit into. Remember, you can always have it altered later to make it right for you.

2. A Garment Shouldn’t Be Skin-Tight

Not that there’s anything wrong with tight clothes. In fact, we enjoy wearing them ourselves in the right setting. But when it comes to workwear and daily life, you need at least some room to move around and be comfortable.

When trying a garment on, learn to differentiate between ‘just right’ and ‘too tight.’ Make sure it doesn’t bunch up or tug too much along your shoulders. And when there are buttons, put it back if you find any X-shaped wrinkles.

3. Your Fit Should Make You Feel Confident

No matter if you want your clothes tightened, loosened, lengthened, or shortened. You should always feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever you're wearing. Your tailor can always make suggestions based on their professional opinion and expertise. But in the end, you’re the one who has to be happy. So make sure it’s exactly what you want in the end.

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