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Closet Cleanse: Go From Summer to Winter

Stay Organized and Switch Between Seasons with Ease

Aside from designing, selling, and altering clothes, AYSHA NY is here to help my clients organize their closets. And now that summer is over and winter is coming soon, this is the perfect time for a closet cleanse. Below are the first basic steps you should take towards getting your wardrobe in order. You might be surprised how even just doing this will make a huge difference.

Why You Need a Closet Cleanse

Cleaning out your closet does more than help you stay organized. For one, you feel less stressed when you’re not looking at a cluttered mess every day. You realize you don’t wear some items enough, and either gain new appreciation for what you have or decide to downsize for more space.

When you know what you have, and what you can work with, you may end up saving money on new clothes. And once you’ve finally tackled your closet, you just might be motivated to start organizing other parts of your home and everyday life.

Separate Seasonal Items

Start off your closet cleanse by simply taking everything out of there. take everything out of your closet and put them into three neat, separate piles:


For seasonal items, any super light or super heavy fabrics should be pulled out and separated. Place things like shorts, light dresses, and sandals into one pile, while heavy coats, sweaters, thick pants, and boots into a separate one.​​ Do this until everything from your closet is now placed into these three piles.

To give you some examples using our pieces, items like our Candice and Samantha Dresses were made for the summer. On the other hand, the Mohair and Plaid Jackets are ideal for autumn and winter. 

Seasonal items like coats should be separated.

Keep Year Round Pieces

Different blouses and blousettes that work all year round.

As for any non-seasonal items, put them into their own neat pile and return them to the closet once you’re done. Things like the Blousette should always be on hand, as should some basic camis and t-shirts. I also recommend leaving at least a couple of pairs of pants on hand throughout the year, as you never know when the temperature might drop.

Basically, anything that’s good for layering should have a permanent place inside your closet. As for shoes, pick out whatever you’d wear to work or for errands, such as sneakers and heels. Once you have all the regular pieces back in place, carefully store away whatever seasonal items you won’t need right now.

Wear White All Year Round with AYSHA NY

A closet cleanse isn’t just for organizing clothes and shoes. You’ll also have things like bags, scarves, and hats stored in there that also need organizing. Keep light scarves available all year round, and put the heavy knit ones in the winter pile. Leather and suede bags, while canvas and light cloth. And keep this same rule in mind when separating your hats — anything that’s breathable is meant for warm weather.

AYSHA NY is always here to help our amazing clients with everything from fit and design to care and storage. If you need seasonal fashion advice, or a good closet cleanse, then click that button below.

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