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AYSHA NY’s Guide to Basic Shapewear

How to Get the Perfect Fit Out of All Your Best Clothes

The holidays are here, and you’ll want to look your best for all those upcoming parties and events. And one way to make all your best-fitting clothes look even better is to invest in great shapewear. But how do you know if you need them, if they work, or how to take care of them?

Take a moment to read through our basic shapewear guide, from different types to maintenance and fit. 

Different Types of Shapewear

First thing’s first… shapewear comes in many different forms.

 The most common types are high-waisted briefs or shorts, but there are also shaping bodysuits, slips, and camisoles. Other common types, which have been around for thousands of years, are bustiers and waist-cinchers. While these traditionally contained boning for added structure, many now use stretchy material such as spandex along with hooks at the back to keep them fastened.

Pick the right ones for you based on your comfort level and outfit of choice. Most casual looks need a single pair of shaping briefs and a cami, while professional and formal wear can use bodysuits, slips, and even a bustier. On hot days, however, just ditch them entirely and opt for loose-fitting clothing instead.

The Bestseller Set Bundle from Honeylove in Sand

                                    Credit: Honeylove

How Long Should Shapewear Last?

A basic shapewear set’s lifespan depends on how often you use them. Wearing a garment every single day gives you a few months of usage, while only one to two times a week provides a year or more. So remember to give your body a break during the week, and don’t wash them after every use.

If you’re wondering if you should replace yours then… 

Make Sure They Fit Correctly

The Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low-Back Mid-Thigh Bodysuit from Spanx in Very BlackThe OnCore Open-Bust Panty Bodysuit from Spanx in Soft Nude

                                                                                                                   Credit: SPANX

A common misconception about shapewear is that people wear it so they can look thinner. While it does help your clothes fit better, it only does so by smoothing out all the lumps and bumps. And if you move around a lot throughout the day, it also helps prevent chafing and discomfort.

Just like with elastic waistbands, shapewear works best when you wear the perfect fit — meaning it should hug your skin without restricting movements. Anything too tight will distort your figure and cut off circulation. If you’ve gained a significant amount of weight, it won’t help you fit into your old clothes. Replace each set as your body changes.

Wash and Store Them Properly

When buying new shapewear, check the materials beforehand to see if they’re latex or non-latex. Always handwash latex in warm water, preferably with a mild shampoo. Throw non-latex garments in a mesh bag, and wash them in cold water on the gentle cycle using lingerie detergent. Once you’re finished, hang or lay them flat to dry afterwards.

As for storage, lay them down flat in your drawer to maintain their shape and keep them out of direct light.

Which Clothes Require Shapewear?

All of your form-fitting outfits need a good shapewear set to bring out their full potential. For example, it’s a must-have for any of our Front Slit Dresses, the structured Stephanie, or the custom-made Claudia. Even our most casual looks, like our basic Amy Top, benefit from the right kind of basic shapewear.

And remember, AYSHA NY can help you achieve the perfect fit in more ways than one. When you schedule a consultation or custom alteration, we’ll advise you on the best undergarments to wear under each item. Whatever you need to feel more confident in the clothes you love.

Reach out to us below for even more useful style tips.

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