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“Aysha hits the epicenter of contemporary American culture... the year of the woman, the immigrant story and increasing entrepreneurship. In addition, Aysha's passionate style of running her business, her aggressive and innovative approach has become increasingly relevant to larger scale businesses.”
Michael F, Former Chairman & CEO, Time Warner & HBO 

Speaking Engagements

Employee engagement and retention today means understanding an empowered workforce’s desire for flexibility, creativity, and purpose. CEO & Creative Director Aysha Saeed is an inspired leader and speaker who brings an authentic voice to organizations that want to strengthen their teams.

She is able to educate through experience and cause radical empowerment in all the individuals she speaks to. Whether it’s having them discover their inner WHY, defining their authentic self, or dressing to impress, Aysha delivers on impacting changes.

Aysha has been called upon by Fortune 500 companies as well as national media outlets to help increase employee engagement.


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We’re all told to grow up, find something we can tolerate, and pay our bills. But shouldn’t life be more than that? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to go into work every day and leave never feeling unfulfilled again? It’s possible to make this happen. It all comes down to finding your WHY. Uncovering what this 3 letter word means for you will empower every facet of life. You’ll soon understand that true success comes when you know the greater purpose that drives your decisions, and you stop allowing life/ work to just happen to you. Imagine having the power to inspire others to buy from you, work with you and join your cause… all are possible once you have clarity on YOUR WHY. In her speech, Aysha outlines the steps she took to discover her why and how each person in the audience can do the same.


It’s exhausting to always live to please others, trying to fill the role that you believe is expected of you. That’s why it’s time to get in tune with yourself once and for all, and be authentic. Stop answering to outside voices and start answering to the one inside. Discover the value of bringing your authentic passions to work every day. Learn how being authentic will drive your success story. Once you do this, you’ll begin to value how you feel about yourself more than what others feel about you. You’ll put self respect and self acceptance first. There is an astonishing power and sense of freedom that comes from being authentic and Aysha is able to guide you to it. She was able to show her authentic self once she looked to her past, learned to be proud of it, and then built her future from it. Hearing her journey has moved audiences and helped hundreds discover their authenticity. You can be next.


Do you remember being little and trying on your Mom’s high heels? Prancing around like you were a boss lady even though the shoes were too big? You felt good, you didn’t care what anyone thought, and you were expressing yourself in the purest way. You can still do that today with your wardrobe - clothing should empower you. From being a successful CEO of her own company to the time she was an awkward teenager, Aysha has always used her personal style to give her confidence and to leave a lasting impression. She offers the audience 3 easy tips on how anyone can achieve this mindset with ease, even on a budget.



“We invited Aysha Saeed to be a featured speaker for She Leads 2018 Conference because we were impressed with her accomplishments as a female business leader and CEO of a beautiful NYC design company.  At She Leads, Aysha took all of us on a personal journey and dynamically relayed her personal story.  She tied that story together with practical advice on how each one of us, no matter what, can show up with confidence and a powerful, personal style to any situation that we as women leaders may face. I would highly recommend Aysha as a speaker that has the ability to move women to look inside themselves, to consider their personal or professional purpose, and to transform that into an outward expression of their leadership style.”

Adrienne G, CEO She Leads Media

“Last year I had an opportunity to bring several directors and consultants to AYSHA’s NY studio to learn about fashion. Aysha kicked-off the event with an inspirational talk on how she built a direct-to-consumer brand and how she made her voice heard in a crowded market place. Her advice and designs were spot on for us since we are in direct sales and our image is crucial to building our MK teams. Aysha's authentic voice and drive truly inspired everyone in the room. Aysha ended her talk with a mini fashion show and honestly I felt that EVERY SINGLE garment was designed for the MK women. Aysha designs clothes for a real women who is feminine and in charge.”
Candy L, National Director, Mary Kay

“If you want to motivate your team, have them hear Aysha’s story.”
Michelle L, Morgan Stanley

“I was excited to have Aysha Saeed speak to our MK team in Seattle, WA. Aysha shared her true passion that led her to create her own brand and what it took to build it up. I felt her story was so similar to Mary Kay herself... two strong women breaking down barriers and creating their unique path to success. Aysha's advice on how to always give it your all and know each challenge comes with a new opportunity, really spoke to me personally. PS: when I am not wearing Mary Kay Suit, I am wearing AYSHA NY.”
Teriegh W, Director, Mary Kay

“Talk about not letting anything stand in her way, that is the essence of Aysha and how she built her brand.”
Samantha R, Partner, NYC Law Firm


AYSHA SAEED is the CEO & Creative Director of luxury fashion brand AYSHA NY. Prior to launching her brand, Aysha created a design & production consulting business. She worked with various European luxury fashion houses; such as, Dior in Paris under John Galliano and Dolce Gabbana in Milan, among others.

While Aysha's first love has always been fashion, she started her career working for various financial service institutions in NYC for 10 years. When she finally took the time to discover HER WHY, she knew that she was ready to finally take the risk to pursue her fashion dream, which has made Monday her favorite day of the week.

“Discovering YOUR WHY is the first step in understanding what will drive you to get up every morning and invest 200% of yourself in whatever you do. You don’t need to start a business to live a purposeful life, you just need to tap into what will drive you to be the best in any role with any organization.” - Aysha Saeed




For more information about Aysha’s speaking fees and availabilities, please email: Speaking@AyshaNY.com