This is, by far, our most popular tier for women who are masters in their respective fields and have achieved a level of prestige among their friends, families and peers.


  • 10 Styles are hand-selected by you and your StyleMe team - a designer and stylist - from our collection. Moving forward, new styles are created with the Regent woman in mind. This is so each woman who enters and exits our studio is heard, catered to with respect. She is adorned with fashion looks reflecting her personal and professional needs, matching her body, and her lifestyle.

personal styling

  • Private one on one consultations with your StyleMe design team to ensure you are properly adorned for very, special events, doing a ball, speaking engagements or big meetings. 


  • You will be the first to be notified for exclusive, limited edition items.


  • Regents receive a personal invitation to our events where they may speak, mingle and merge with other high profile women in pursuit of personal or professional goals. 

REGENT Membership: $3,500

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AYSHA NY makes me feel confident for all my press interviews. 

- Stacy. CEO, Francis Financial, Inc

When I presented at the Pentagon, I trusted AYSHA NY to dress me.

- Fatema. President, Kraus Aerospace