• 4 Styles hand-selected for you by your StyleMe Team - a designer and stylist - from our collection. Going forward, we will be designing new styles with you in mind. So, each style you end up with will be curated to fit your personal needs, aspirations and lifestyle.

personal styling

  • Private one on one consultations with your StyleMe team ensure you are properly outfitted for special events, speaking engagements or big meetings.


  • Catalysts will be notified for exclusives and limited edition items emerging from AYSHA NY


  • Catalysts receive a personal invitation to our in-house events to meet, mingle and merge with well-established, high profile women who are here to support each other in life goals and many professional pursuits. 

CATALYST Membership: $1,500


Style is not just a look. It's also a feeling. When I wear AYSHA NY, I not only look great, I feel fabulous. It makes myself and others happy too.

- Tania. CEO & Founder, Sterl On Style

As a lawyer AYSHA NY its my armor in court. As a mom of 5, I feel most confident and sexy when wearing her designs.

- Mia. Managing Partner, Law Firm of Poppe & Associates, PLLC