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Timeless fashion for ambitious, professional women. Supporting local, NYC suppliers. Sustainable eco-conscious approach. Growing a community of like-minded women.

Who is Aysha Saeed?

Aysha Saeed is the CEO and Creative Director of AYSHA NY, an ethical, sustainable luxury women's fashion lifestyle brand launched in 2016 in New York City. Before launching the AYSHA NY brand, Aysha started out on a very different professional path--the world of finance in NYC. While she did well in that sector, she realized she was missing something in her life...something that brought her joy: all things fashion.

When Aysha was a teenager, her family moved from Lahore, Pakistan, to a small town in New Jersey. At first, Aysha did not fit into the American culture at all and felt like an outsider looking in. To help her through these difficult times, Aysha turned to fashion and style to express herself, which led her to feel confident to come out of her shell. So, at a very young age, Aysha learned a very valuable lesson...fashion can be a source of confidence and can allow one to create and control perception. Even today, Aysha views “getting dressed up” as a means to feeling confident whenever she has speaking engagements, is hosting events, or making press appearances.

During her time in the NYC financial sector, Aysha continued to utilize fashion to stand out and create a personal brand…at a time when terms like “personal brand” did not even exist. On a leap of faith, she walked away from her secure job and set out to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a fashion designer. Because Aysha loved and wore many Italian designers, she wanted to learn from them. Aysha packed her bags and moved to Milan, Italy, to learn the industry. For five years, Aysha gained invaluable on-the-job experience, industry knowledge and access to the highly exclusive world of European fashion houses as a consultant for luxury brands like Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, among others. Upon her return to New York City, Aysha launched her own brand to adorn a niché group of driven women who want to elevate their wardrobe to express both their achievements and individuality.

Today, Aysha has evolved AYSHA NY to be more than just designing beautiful clothing. AYSHA NY has become home to ambitious women nationwide who want to connect with, be inspired by and support one another personally and professionally. AYSHA NY is a true community of women who are leaders, ambitious and always achieving...stylishly. 

Sustainable Styles, Curated Community 

100% Made in NYC
AYSHA NY designs slow fashion collections that are 100% manufactured in the heart of NYC Garment District by local artisans, vendors and factories as part of Brand’s commitment to sustainability and social impact. When many designers left the Garment Center behind for lower-cost production, AYSHA NY remained and doubled downed on its values by moving closer to its manufacturing partners to play a role in rebuilding NYC Garment Center.

Adorning Ambitious Women
Brand's mission is to empower and adorn a niché group of ambitious, successful women who want an elevated wardrobe that expresses their achievements, creativity and individuality. From customizations and ready-to-wear collections to Zoom-friendly professional attire with an edge, AYSHA NY’s eco-conscious modern styles anticipate the needs of discerning women nationwide by supporting
how they live and work at the moment.

Community Building
Supporting women and the NYC community at large are pillars of AYSHA NY’s core values that are carried out through its philanthropic endeavors, networking events, virtual experiences and the private Threading Together Community for clients to network

In 2021, Aysha’s successful COVID-19 pivot earned acclaim, and she was invited by
Mayor De Blasio’s office to become a mentor for the Small Business Mentors NYC program,
which especially supports underrepresented business owners and neighborhoods.

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