5 Reasons Why:
The Addison Dress

Take home the best-selling, all-occasions, hand-cut Addison Dress and experience the best of our 5 reasons, firsthand.

“Few months back I purchased this dress and love it. I get so many compliments everywhere I go. Also it is very flattering on me." - Jenea

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Why The Addison Dress?

Designed with show-stopping elegance and sustainability in mind, the Addison Dress is perfect for women in both professional and social circles. (Country Club, anyone?)

Our 5 Reasons:

1. The Addison Dress is the perfect summer soiree dress

This dress is the perfect summer soiree dress, cut from soft drapey chiffon fabrics. It’s the ideal amount of casual chic, able to be styled as a breezy off-the-shoulder sundress perfect for relaxed elegance, no matter what the occasion. It’s the ultimate statement piece and an unforgettable addition to any event, especially those summer soirees.

2. Hand-cut, sustainable production

It’s hand-cut (not mass-produced!) so you know every piece comes right from the heart of NYC, all the way to your wardrobe. This means NO insane bulk shipping of goods to meet sales targets, NO excess, built-to-fall-apart inventory and NO “fashion cycle” expectations! Just look at how dedicated we are in-store to cutting each piece perfectly:

Not mass-produced, hand-cut

3. Comfortable and perfect for all sizes

The Addison Dress is an incredibly comfortable fit, perfect for XS - L ladies thanks to its forgiving (and gorgeous) silhouette, its stretch elastic waistband, neckline and flawless design. It’s the kind of dress that makes anyone feel (and look) like a true princess.

"This summer I am going to an outdoor wedding and this dress will be perfect. And I plan on wearing it again this fall at a charity gala. For sure I will get my money's worth because Addison Dress is a classic and made so well. When I tried it on I felt like a princess."

- Ana

4. Show-stopping elegance

Breathable bold sleeves, timeless design and color, effortless fit… the Addison Dress really is designed with the best of show-stopping elegance. It’s been one of our best-sellers for years now. And that’s because it’s the kind of fit that’s ideal for any event and tells the world you’re confident, a leader, a strategist, someone bold who thinks outside the box and isn’t afraid to show it. It’s an irresistible statement piece that’ll change the way you present yourself at any event.

5. Customers CANNOT get enough!

We mean it when we say the Addison Dress is a perfect addition to any wardrobe - we’ve seen countless ladies fall head over heels for this stunning and unique garment, and we know you will too!

Word on the street says ...

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Perfect when stepping out for any event, for all seasons, and ready to be dressed up or down as desired.

 The Addison Dress is your next statement piece!

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“This is my third dress of this style. I love it, it is fitted just the right amount with the belt, but unstructured at the same time. Wearing it both on and off the shoulders makes it a true day to night dress.” - Jill