1-2-3 KIT


AYSHA NY’s high-touch client experience became impossible to implement due to COVID, social distancing. The NYC lockdown forced AYSHA NY to close their studio, leading to significant revenue drop. 

As all achievers do, Aysha Saeed rolled up her sleeves and collaborated with local NYC suppliers to design a must-have item that would be conducive for virtual consultations. This resulted in the creation of 1-2-3 Kit.

Each kit consists of a luxurious hair scarf, a designer fabric face mask and a pair of glamorous handmade earrings. Each item comes in various colors & fabrics. Choose to be “matchy-matchy” or “mix and match.” 

Each Kit purchase not only helps AYSHA NY, but it also helps: 

  • A small NYC-based family-owned clothing manufacturer hire  2-3 seamstresses
  • A jewelry artisan is employed to continue creating innovating new designs from her home
  • A mom & entrepreneur keep her jewelry business moving forward & the ability to care for her family


      Meet 1-2-3 Kit.