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Spring Style: Prints, Patterns And How To Wear Them

Fashion Week called it...prints are INThis season, we are going big and bold with brave prints and patterns that are sure to make you stand out. Aysha Saeed, the CEO & Creative Director behind AYSHA NY, is inspired by the modern woman and the lifestyle she is currently living. Aysha is always wondering, “what is she missing from her closet?” Then she designs it. In the Dressing for the Now collection, Aysha knows women all want to be stylish, but also comfortable. As we all begin to step out once again, go big and choose a style that will set you apart from the rest.

While styling different prints can be daunting, if done right, the results can be absolutely stunning. Mixing and matching prints will keep your style fresh and unexpected with the perfect bit of edge -- take some hints from Aysha on her top tricks and tips and what to look for this spring when playing with prints to elevate your wardrobe.

Balancing Prints in Your Closet

Always choose prints you feel comfortable in. It’s best to identify styles you know you can easily match with accessories and garments you already have in your closet.

Be Bold

Mixing and matching different prints together -- like botanical floral prints with geometric prints can be tricky, but if done right, can be absolutely stunning. Getting a second opinion helps, or you could buy a style that already has complementing prints.

Know When to Pass

If you love a print, but just can’t imagine how you would possibly style it, leave it behind. Most likely you’ll struggle fitting it into your wardrobe.

Size up Your Canvas

Big prints like large florals look best when the full print is visible, like on a long, flowing dress. For tops, tanks, and blouses, a small to medium sized.

Timeless Floral

Floral prints like sunflowers, hibiscus and palm leaves can take you from an easy-breezy brunch look, to work meetings topped with a sophisticated blazer, or to an elevated look for a night on the town. Florals are fun-loving yet chic.

Edgy Chevron

This zig-zag pattern, called chevron, is a classic design flattering on all body types and so versatile. You can go bold by playing up on colors, or opt for a more minimalist black and white silhouette.

Fun Polka-Dots

Making a comeback in a big way since the days of retro bikinis and 50’s-era dresses, the polka dot is being re-imagined by AYSHA NY -- introducing oversized and micro dots into its collections. Larger scale, oversized polka dots add personality while keeping it professional.

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