POWERHOUSE - Membership Package

Rewriting closet rules by curating your power wardrobe

Your POWERHOUSE Membership includes below products / services:

A) 10 items hand-selected for you by a designer from our collection. Going forward, we will be designing styles with you in mind. So, each style you end up with will be curated to fit your personal needs and lifestyle.

B) Private one on one consultations with a designer to ensure you are properly styled for your speaking engagements or big meetings.

C) You can decide on your 10 items right away or pace them out as you need them, you have up to 1 year to select your 10 items.

D) You will be the first to be notified for exclusive, limited edition items.

E) You will receive your personal invitation to our events together with other high profile women.

POWERHOUSE Membership: $3,500
Full payment is due upon signing on.
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