Meet Aysha Saeed

Meet Aysha Saeed - CEO & Creative Director of AYSHA NY. Aysha gave up her career working in financial institutions to pursue her fashion dream — making Monday her favorite day of the week.

Once she left finance, Aysha created a design & production consulting business, working with various European luxury fashion houses; such as, Dior in Paris under John Galliano and Dolce Gabbana in Milan, among others. Aysha took to developing her own brand from what she learned working the the industry’s finest and from knowing what it’s like to live the life of a busy executive balancing personal/work life constantly. She understood that many women are looking not only to elevate their work wardrobe, but to also use their clothing to express individuality.

“I want women to use their wardrobe as a marketing tool. When you wear AYSHA NY you are telling the world you are Confident, a Leader, a Strategist and someone Bold who thinks Outside the Box. These are the traits every woman should want in her arsenal." - Aysha Saeed.

Aysha Saeed, CEO & Creative Director

AYSHA NY - An Inspired Collection For Extraordinary Women

For professional women, AYSHA NY is the number one choice for high-end quality clothes at accessible prices with StyleMe Studio service for a customized look and fit.

The AYSHA NY brand allows you to achieve individuality every morning, 7 days a week with no confusion or fuss. Our brand is your daily arsenal.

Moreover, the brand connects women and builds uplifting communities while embracing women of all kinds. Giving back to local communities and organizations has been part of our brand mission from day one.

Perfection is our Philosophy

AYSHA NY is your personal on-call fashion designer. Our brand is the number one choice of high-end clothing for executive women at accessible prices.

We know that in every powerful woman’s mind is a vision of how she wants to project herself through her outfit. This is why our StyleMe Studio offers memberships for one-on-one designer interaction to fulfill these visions by creating your dream wardrobe.

AYSHA NY pieces incorporate the art of design and production reflective of European luxury fashion houses in Milan and Paris. All of our pattern makers and seamstresses employ old world European tailoring skills which result in top-notch products. We use design & construction guidelines similar to the ones employed by Savile Row of London and Couture house in Paris. Such as draping, hand cutting & stitching, inserting fusible stays, basting, and more.

Our mission is to elevate your wardrobe to match your needs, while promising to last longer than your killer elevator pitch.

“Unfortunately today’s fashion landscape has become a commodity driven business, seeking quick output over actual design integrity. For us, the design process is at the heart of our business and it is never rushed or about cutting corners. We design a garment that emotionally touches a woman from the minute she puts it on.” - Aysha Saeed