Meet Aysha Saeed

Meet Aysha Saeed - CEO & Creative Director of AYSHA NY. She gave up a career working in prestigious financial institutions to pursue a dream — high-fashion — making Monday her favorite day of the week.

Upon leaving corporate finance, Aysha created a design & production consultation, working with prestigious European luxury fashion houses. These houses recognized her talent early seeing she had an eye for fashion. Aysha has worked for Dior, under John Galliano (in Paris) and Dolce & Gabbana (in Milan), as well as some prestigious, other known luxe brands.

Ms. Saeed decided to cut her own cloth,, with all she learned from the High-Fashion houses. Aysha understood a market niché for women in power who wanted to elevate their wardrobe to express both their achievements and individuality.

“I want women to use their wardrobe as a marketing tool. When you wear AYSHA NY you are telling the world you are Confident, a Leader, a Strategist and someone Bold who thinks differently. These are the traits every woman should want in her closet." - Aysha Saeed.

Aysha Saeed, CEO & Creative Director

AYSHA NY - for xtraordinary women

Today, AYSHA NY adorns a niché group of women who seek the high-fashion wardrobe at a premium price. The StyleMe team creates customized designs, in both look and feel, for these women focused on career and have little time to sift through retail stores. AYSHA NY also allows women to express their individual, personal freedom of expression and their crowning professional achievements in her personal brand which becomes an outer armour of significance and importance.

Members of AYSHA NY give back to the women of local organizations we believe in, as this “giving” has been a part of our mission from day one.

AYSHA NY connects prestigious and accomplished women through recurrent soi·rées, building an uplifting dialogue through a dedicated support network, while embracing all women regardless of race, religion or creed. This need to connect may ebb and flow at various stages of each member's life. 

A Perfect Philosophy

AYSHA NY, in this respect, is a personal fashion designer you can hold court with. As a brand, it is the desired choice for high-fashion clothing for executive women at a premium price.

We know that in every powerful woman’s mind is a vision of how she wants to be perceived. This must happen through her outer layer and what she chooses to wear. The StyleMe Studio is a member-based opportunity for a one-on-one designer interaction to fulfill these personal visions by creating the ideal wardrobe. The networking events are the real added value.


AYSHA NY is the art of high-fashion, reflective in top European fashion houses in Milan and Paris, at a NYC premium price. Our pattern makers and seamstresses blend an old world European tailoring experience with NYC-style edge reflecting prestige and crowning achievements of skill. Our seamstresses take great pride in all their work.

We use design & construction standards similar to those used by Savile Row of London and the Hauté Couture houses in Paris. It is no wonder that AYSHA NY customers are so pleased with the draping, hand cuts & stitching, inserting fusible stays, and basting, in every outfit that leaves our studio.

Our mission is to not only elevate a woman’s wardrobe to match her persona but that it feels amazing on her as well.

“Unfortunately today’s fashion landscape has become a commodity driven business, seeking quick output over actual design integrity. For us, the design process is at the heart of our business and it is never rushed nor is it about cutting corners. We design a garment that emotionally touches and elevates a woman from the minute she puts it on.” - Aysha Saeed