Why should I become a member with AYSHA NY?

We want you to look confident and elegant during your most important work days, because we truly believe doing so will help further your career. We get it - you are an ambitious, sassy woman, you know where you are going, you make things happen, you are out and about and because you are SUPER busy, you forget about what you should be wearing.

That’s where the AYSHA NY membership program steps in. Let us take care of your professional wardrobe and help you stand out. Simply choose either the GAME CHANGER or the POWERHOUSE membership, and you will get your own StyleMe Team that selects styles according to your needs, industry, and personality. Think about what major designers are doing for top celebrities. You are our celebrity. 

What’s the difference between the GAME CHANGER and the POWERHOUSE membership?

The GAME CHANGER includes 4 items from our AYSHA NY collection.

The POWERHOUSE amps it up to 10 items.

How do I become a member with AYSHA NY?

Your first step is to sign up online for your GAME CHANGER or POWERHOUSE membership. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as you sign up.

Your second option is to come to our studio, meet us in person, and sign up right here where most of our magic happens. For your studio appointment, simply email us at styleme@ayshany.com

Is this a subscription?

No, unless renewed, your membership ends after you have purchased the total number of items advertised in your membership package. You have one year to choose all your items. 

How is the AYSHA NY Membership program different than other fashion brands that offer styling services, send hand-picked boxes, etc.?

We thought long and hard about that question, too. Here is how our membership is different than what’s already being offered on the market.

- Our members have a StyleMe Team, which consists of a stylist and a designer who work with them. One of the biggest advantages of having a designer on your team is that it allows us to create future styles with your figure and needs in mind.

- For example, if you have a petite shape with a larger bust line, your designer will keep your measurements on-file for future collections. When a new style is designed that takes into account your specific size/shape and lifestyle, you will hear from your StyleMe Team. How cool is that? It’s like having your personal on-call stylist and designer at your fingertips.

- Humans spend time getting to know and style you, not an automated algorithm

- We are on-demand, meaning you purchase your memberships as you need to. We are not a pesky monthly subscription that keeps showing up at your doorstep.

- You have access to some of our limited-edition collections, so you won’t be running into someone on the street wearing the same dress.

- Members become part of the AYSHA NY community, meaning that you will be invited to our exclusive events!


Good point - here are a few membership perks!

- If you buy 2 or 3 items, you save money if you become a member. Most items in our collection cost around $489 dollars. If you purchase, say the Game Changers Membership Package ($1500), you would be getting each item for $375. You're saving more than $100!

- Members get to work with an in-house designer, who will support you in selecting styles that are right for you and your lifestyle. That way, you’ll shine during and after work.

- Your personal designer keeps track of your purchases and alerts you as new styles come in that are designed with YOU in mind. How awesome is that? 

Are there any additional fees associated with the membership?

The only other cost to think about are alterations, if needed. If it’s a simple hem on a dress or a skirt - it’s on us!

However, if alterations require significant work, then we pass our costs to you (without any mark-ups). Please know that alteration costs are not a revenue for us. It’s simply a service we offer to make our customers' lives easy.

We have researched the market and our alteration costs are below what other tailors might charge. However, you’ll always have the option of taking your purchase to your own tailor if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Is everything in your studio/website eligible for the membership program ?

Ninety percent of the collection is available for our members. However, our Creative Director, Aysha, is always traveling around the world buying rare fabrics and making one-of-a-kind items. These styles may not fall into the membership program. But, should you fall in love with them, your StyleMe Team will get you the best price.

still have questions? 

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