AYSHA NY Dressing America's Current and Future Leaders - Affiliate Registration

AYSHA NY dresses America’s current and future leaders, and we invite you to partner with us.

When you become an affiliate of AYSHA NY, you will be helping women to learn how powerful fashion can be as part of their marketing arsenal. You'll help more women create a strong impact when they enter a room, before they even say a word.

PLUS you'll be joining a strong, ambitious community of women who love to get together "IRL" at Aysha Saeed's invitation-only events for inspiration, to elevate each other and for high-quality networking.

"Our women are still buzzing about it and those who could not make it, are asking when will be the next one.” - Kate Luckett

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Step 2: Earn 10% commission - or, if you prefer, credits toward future purchases

Some of our most loyal customers prefer to store their commission as a credit; these add up quickly and help them enjoy the latest designs.

Step 3: Discover the power of the vibrant AYSHA NY network

"Are you wearing AYSHA NY?" has become a super-efficient way for ambitious women to connect when they see each other at their own industry events.  Contact details are immediately shared and new alliances emerge.

And, be the first to hear about invitation-only events hosted by Aysha Saeed. Women from a range of professions come together to be inspired, find out how they can use fashion as part of their marketing arsenal, and network in highly-effective circles.

AYSHA NY cares about our planet 

Fact: did you know fashion industry is a #2 culprit (chemical industry being #1) in playing a major role in destroying our planet?

By joining our affiliate program you will play a role in building a fashion brand that is doing what it can in lessening its carbon footprint.

Here are some of AYSHA NY’s daily sustainable practices. We can’t wait for you to share these facts with your community.

Just some of our sustainability practices ...

Slow fashion, made in NYC in partnership with local suppliers and artisans.

Part of our collection is made of “dead fabric” - that is, fabric that is already in the market.

We make clothing in a way that lasts a long time.

We don’t use hangtags.

We recycle all plastic bags & hangers.

We ship with the least amount of material.

We ship with recycled paper and boxes.

We produce only the amount we can sell, so extra does not end up in landfills.

We do not waste resources on designs that do not result in production. Not all fashion houses can say this.

From Aysha Saeed:

“I moved to the USA when I was 12 years old from Pakistan. I left corporate finance to pursue a lifelong ambition of becoming a fashion designer and went for it. I wrote down on yellow sticky FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION, stuck it on my computer and dove into the ever-so-intimidating and elusive world of high fashion in Milan.

I chose Milan to be my learning ground because I had admired Italian fashion by consuming them and as well as studying them from afar. I offered my services as a design and production expert in the area of hand embroideries.

When you become an affiliate of AYSHA NY you help women learn to dress for impact, use fashion as part of their marketing arsenal, and create their own seat at the table."