We Believe in working with artisans, manufacturers and community based initiatives to develop high-end clothing that celebrates ethical and sustainable fashion.

Artisan Partners inspire us. So in collaboration with the Louis Miller Studio and an artisan women's group from Bareilly, India we designed and handcrafted the embroidered Bird Bomber.

Social Impact is the heart of the Bird Bomber. The Bareilly Women's group connects skilled artisans in rural parts of India specializing in detailed, handcrafted embroidery. By bringing the Bird Bomber work to their homes, women earn a living while enhancing their techniques and skills.

Sustainability matters to us. By focusing on eco friendly, handmade embroidery, the Bird Bomber leaves little to no carbon footprint. With organically dyed yarns, vegan leather and recycled trims it takes even more care of our responsibility.


Meet The Bird Bomber.

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